Buying one of the best portable toilets out there may be a bit challenging due to variety of brands out there and having lot to choose from.

For sure, you will come across so many toilets that are portable in the market with so many of them from different producers.

Well, some of those producers are known to be very good when it comes to portable toilet but at the same time the others producers are good as well so it is very likely you get confuse when it comes making decision and most especially those that are purchasing this for the very first time. But if you’re in need or searching  for the best portable toilet and would prefer some little enlightenment to make sure you don’t chose wrongly, I think here is the right place for that and for sure our experience in dealing with this for years won’t fail you.

Best portable toilet for 2017

We have done our best to make sure we picked the best and affordable once for you, so I don’t personally think the portable toilets on our list will be higher than your budget unlike others out there that cost as much as an arm and leg.

With that said, one thing we can assure you for is that the products on our best portable toilet list are good enough to make it into any high rank list out there.

Sanitation Equipment Limited
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Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty Model: 268 24 Liter with 2-level Indicators


The first toilet on our best portable toilet list is from Sanitation Equipment Limited. Now in case you don’t know, I have used this in the past and I can assure you personally that it is a very good one and if I were you I will purchase it as soon as I can.

We all know Sanitation Equipment Limited have a great profile when it comes to producing a good portable toilet, so I don’t personally think there should be any regret for going for this portable toilet and for sure it will help you in saving some cash as it look cheap compare to others out there.

Even apart from my personal experience dealing with this portable toilet, during the review team entire testing, we discovered the portable toilet. It is in fact one of the best portable toilet on our list, and we encourage you to go for it  but that’s if you’re willing.

So without any further delay, let’s take a quick look at the fans review on Amazon for this particular product, we have decided to also review to you some bad review so you can have a vast knowledge of what you’re about buying.

Positive reviews:

  • LOVE IT – although it is a little short
  • Better than I expected
  • Useful for helping elderly mother at home
  • Camping and at Home
  • Shitter in a box!
  • Can’t camp without this

Negative reviews:

  • Returned
  • Toilet looks good but the free sample of chemical popped open in transit
  • Too small. Shallow bowl.


Camco 41541 Portable Toilet – 5.3 gallon


The next portable toilet on our best portable toilet list may come as a surprise to some of you, and the question is quite simple and we will be looking into that soon.

This is also another very good company that has produced  great portable toilet for ages now, and I think it is rightly said that this portable toilet is powerful enough to help you in whatever you want it to, and they also look very portable which makes it easy for one to carry.

With that said, I think that is also a very good reason to go for this portable toilet, however, for those who want to buy a portable toilet that won’t cause as much as a head, don’t worry, this is a perfect one for you to go for.

We have managed to get our hand on the portable toilet that will be best for you, and our review team has made us understand that this is, in fact, one of the best portable toilets out there that you can get.

Well, I think is not too necessary for me to spend age on talking about this, you can just kindly take a quick glance on some other fans review on Amazon.

  • Heads-Up: CAMCO’s 41545 is the Latest and Greatest over model 41541 trust me.
  • A Wonderful Product
  • I love it. I use in my daycare
  • Best Little ‘Personal’ Portable Restroom!
  • For the money, this is a great travel toilet (mine is in a small fiberglass trailer).


Earthtec ETEC Non-Stick Sanitary Portable Toilet Bowl, 50 Flush, 5 gal



Here is another portable toilet but this time it from Earthtec, and this one is called ETEC Non-Stick Sanitary Portable Toilet Bowl. It looks more cheaper than the second one of the list. You will discover this comes in a grey color and made up of pure plastic. So it’s all up to you to decide whether to go for it or not.

Now lest I forget, this is one of the finest on our list, and I will say it is also a very good one to go for; and good for people that are looking for a portable toilet that’s a bit high and it will be a very good one for adults.

Now as compared to the second one on our list, this one has a different color with similar design and it is rightly said that it is one of the best out there with great review from fans that has bought them in the past. With that said, we can’t fully explain how good this product is and I think the best way to do that is reviewing some fans review from Amazon that bought the product in the past.

  • Great for van travels w/kids
  • It’s a lot better than just ‘going’ in the woods.
  • Love it!
  • Works great!
  • Happy with purchase
  • Very sturdy and well built


Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable Toilet


You have noticed the price of our products look to be reducing as soon as we move on with our article, we also begin to review to you portable toilets with different designs compare to the ones reviewed above.

However, this portable toilet is another great one with a very fine and unique design with a white color, homelike design, increased bowl size and comfortable seat height so it is of no doubt that you will like it as soon as you set your eyes on it.

Without wasting time, we going to be unveiling the product producer to you which is known as Thetford, now as you can determine by the name, this portable toilet will be no doubt a very good one and perfect for camping use. You should be glad to discover the portable toilet is the cheapest on our list and almost 95% of those who bought this product from Amazon in the past has confirmed it to be a good one. With any further delay, let move straight to Amazon and take a glance on fans review:

  • Top of the line choice for portable toilets
  • Totally satisfied with this purchase!
  • This was a great replacement for our boat
  • Great product


Imports of have one of the best portable toilets

There are certain benefits and reasons portable toilet users buy them. The fact that it is portable and very easy to carry around being one of the major importance. So for those that are looking for a portable toilet for camping and perhaps for home use, we have done our best to review great portable toilets for that purpose. You can also get some more options to pick from when you follow the directed link but that’s if you not satisfied with the ones on our list.

Another way they  can also be easily use for grand parent or people with legs issue as it can also be placed beside them for use whenever they are in need of it.


They are really lot of options out there in the market to go for, but  I can assure you that we have done our best to review the ones that will suit you in every aspect and won’t require too much when we talk about the price.

Also, discovery as confirmed portable toilet makes life easy for some people and even beside that we can assure that the portable toilet on our list will make life comfortable for you and sort whatever issue you have been facing in this aspect.

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